• Our Philosophy

    Breathe well, exercise well, eat good, and sleep well...
    Keep learning, working, and relaxing.
    Tell your story and make new friends.


  • What we do


    Origin is a social enterprise that cares about senior living. Our innovative business model of senior housing and long-term care services help to improve the rising caring problem of the elderly in Taiwan.

    We integrate and mobilize local resources to achieve the goal of mutual care and resource exchange, and address the problems of bureaucratization, isolation, cost, and burden of existing long-term care options.

    • La Cocinita

    Combining the energy from young people with the mature and wisdom from the elderly, La Cocinita is space for everyone that creates the exclusive vitality.

    • Golden Park

    A natural and comfortable park with workshops, exhibition galleries, gardens, and shared working space. Provides carpentry, crafts, metalworking courses, and regularly holds exhibitions, flea market, and music festivals. The park also includes an area for barbecue, camping, and other recreational camps.

    • Long-term residential with service.

    Provide residential services for all ages, includes elderly and disabled people. Combining with varied learning courses and professional care services and connecting resources of the nearby university, we aim to build a learning and caring-oriented community with a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere and professional caring service.

    • Short-term residential with service.

    Short-term accommodation programs and respite services for those who are retired, widowed, and physically and mentally weak. Provide art and handcraft courses and spiritual healing courses, services from the caring cafe, and the resources from the nearby university. We provide a beautiful space for healing and accompany you to find the new pace of life.

    • Outreach service

    Provide outreach services for the neighboring communities, including home services, daycare, and tourism service.

  • Our Features

    Cross-generational Interaction

    We believe that communication between generations is an essential source of energetic for the community. Combine the energy of young people with the mature and wisdom of the elderly, we symbiosis, create, and share with each other, and develop exclusive vitality.

    Learning Life

    We believe Never Too Old To Learn and encourage Retiring But Keep Moving. Learning-oriented life enriches the retiring life, enhances interpersonal connections while cultivating interests, and makes life full of variety and fun.

    Individualized Services

    We value the uniqueness of each resident. Different from other organizations' care system simplification and standardization from other care organizations, we are more concerned about personalization and customization, and opens to individual adjustments.

    Environment and Nature

    We believe that the place of residence is the habitat of people. We care about the natural environment and biodiversity. We break the confined spaces and encourage our residents to step out, attend outdoor activities, and embrace mother nature.


    We root in the community and seek the common good.

    We value the feedback of the residents and community members and take it as the driving force for progress to achieve the goal of sustainability.

    Mutual Help and Sharing

    We build a living care system that encourages mutual accompanying and supporting each other. Through the system, we reduce the financial burden of individuals and maximize resources.