• Goldville Universal-Design Residential with Services

    With love and care, we build a community like a family that supports and cares mutually.


    We offer care services, hold activities, provide courses, and job opportunities, as well as the assistance to apply long-term care subsidy.


    We help you improve everything you care about, and help you solve small problems that you even haven't noticed.


    You care, we care.

  • Universal Design

    Universal design ensures all residents can live comfortably and move without worries.

    Aesthetic Life

    Hotel-style residence incorporates aesthetics into the details of life.

    Points System

    Point system and job opportunities encourage residents to participate in the community.


    Student residents hold community events monthly.
    We encourage generational interaction.

    University life

    The village located next to Providence University, sharing universities' facilities and courses.

    Healthy Meal

    The community provides healthy meals, eliminating the hassle of cooking.

    Professional Care System

    A one-stop professional care system meets the needs of all ages and conditions.

    Diversified Learning

    Abundant learning courses help to cultivate interests, make friends, and enrich life.

    Traffic Connection

    Shuttle service makes going out and travels easy.

  • Residence | Service | Life

    Like home, like hotels, like the best place to live.

    [The construction started in March 2018 and will be completed in February 2020]


    1. Suites:Spacious, private accommodations with individual bathrooms and balconies. All rooms are well ventilated and well lighted and could be renovated or moved into personal furniture.


    2. Facilities:

    • Scenic Restaurant
    • Reading Café
    • Sports Club 
    • Bar
    • Country Club
    • Multi Purpose  Mahjong Room
    • Craft Room
    • Hair Salon
    • Multi-faith Room
    • Health Center
    • Rehabilitation Care Center

    Shared kitchen, lounge, and youth residence on each floor.
    Not only reduce the burden of renting for students and promote intergenerational interactions but also bring more vitality to the community.


    3. Universal Design for everyone:
    No matter what age or physical condition, living here is convenient, autonomous, and safe.

    4. Care Service System: medical care, social workers, and other professionals are stationed to provide daily counseling. Follow the individual needs of the residents and assist in arrange caring resources.


    5.Gourmet meals prepared by in-house chefs. Home maintenance, and weekly housekeeping and linen services.


    6. Scheduled shuttle to the nearby hospital, supermarkets, university, and public transportation stops. (all in 5 minutes)


    7. Courses & Programs: Provide a variety of activities that are beneficial to both physical and mental health.


    8. Point System: Provide job opportunities for residents to encourage keeping working and utilize their expertise.


    Note 1: This residence is a full-lease system. Members can designate the spouse, lineal ascendants or the lineal ascendants by marriage to share the membership status.


    Note 2: There is no age limit for residents. We welcome independent living people.


  • Housing Unit

    Personalized style design | Hotel-style housing | Independent apartment number

  • Shared Space






    Country Club

    Multi-faith Room